What is RTP in slot games? What you need to know about the RTP?

Return To Player (RTP) is the term used when playing casino. RTP is the word used to describe the percentage of the bet that a player will receive from the slot machine over time.

The Concept of RTP?

Return To Player (RTP) is the term used when playing casino. RTP is the word used to describe the percentage of the bet that a player will receive from the slot machine over time.

For example, If the player participates in the Wild Depths Slot in W88 bookie and bets $50 on a slot machine with an RTP rate of 90%, the player can get a $45 bonus bet back. Note the bookie edge and the calculated RTP in the long run. That means players who only participate in a few rounds of the slot game will not be able to conclude what the specific RTP is. So if you participate in betting in a short time, your ability to achieve profits is not high.

In other words, RTP is the flip side of bookie advantage. Usually at a reputable bookie, a slot machine will have a 20% advantage, so the RTP will be 80%. That means over time the machine will keep about 20% of the total bet and only return the winner 80%.
Algorithm of RTP

Based on tens of thousands of spins or more, it is possible to measure the RTP for online slots. So the RTP percentage is accurate in the long run. If a player has a short term plan to play the game it is up to his or her luck to come across payouts that are better than the game’s RTP score. However, players only need to be involved for a long time, the payouts will eventually balance out.
How to calculate RTP?

To calculate RTP players need to consider it in financial terms. For example, when players join the Slots game with an RTP rate of 93%. That is, $100 players bet, they have the potential to win back $93 in the long run. Note that players should not win $93 for $100 spent during their game session. Because RTP is calculated on 100,000 spins or more.

Effects of RTP Rate When Playing Casino

Slot Volatility

Most Slot Games volatility is represented by numbers from high to low (one to ten). Players often get wins if the slot game has low volatility. However that means the payouts will be much smaller.

Slots games with high volatility will not pay out very often, but once paid the player will receive a large profit.

The important thing is that it is up to each player’s choice whether they prefer to chase the big jackpot or accumulate many small multipliers with multiple wins to choose low or high.

Players should pay attention to how many games each bookie has chosen by the player. The player’s bet amount deposited will automatically enter the game. Even the slot game with the highest RTP has to lose from 1 to 2% of the bet to the bookie.

Hit Frequency

Slot game publishers and providers are not responsible for disclosing each Slot game’s access frequency other than its RTP. However, if players pay attention, there are a few disclosures in the terms and conditions of the Slot game.

The frequency of the win position is based on the hit frequency. Remember that this number is calculated on tens of thousands of spins exactly like the RTP percentage.


When playing Slot games at W88, players should pay attention to the RTP but it is not all. Slot game is also a game of luck and requires a little more skill. The first important thing is that players should choose for themselves an appropriate game, then refer to the high or low RTP, then take advantage of their own winning chances.



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