Introduction About TF88 Bookmaker

About TF88 Bookmaker

TF88 is a betting bookie that has just been established in mid-2021. Although it is a new bookie with a young name, TF88 possesses many outstanding advantages and is loved by many players. Not only providing a lot of high quality online betting products, TF88 is also a legal betting address, licensed by the Philippine government organization PAGCOR. Customers coming to TF88 will not have to worry about anything.

As a young bookie, most of TF88’s betting products apply modern technologies to the game. The betting space at bookie is commented on as beautiful, new and delicately designed. TF88 owns a dedicated and attentive customer care team. TF88 is indeed an address where players can freely choose and participate in the games they love.

The Advantages Of The TF88 Bookmaker

Various platform betting

  • This is the leading bookie in the field of sports, especially football.
  • The betting halls are diverse, suitable for many players with different betting styles.
  • Games come from major game publishers in the world.
  • Betting features are regularly updated.

Interface and app betting

  • TF88’s catalog is delicately designed, intelligently arranged and clear.
  • Players easily place bets, do not feel confused even when they first contact the homepage.
  • Betting application was born to bring convenience to those who are busy and can hardly arrange time.
  • Both Android and IOS operating systems can download betting applications, the game quality remains unchanged, still smooth and beautiful.


  • Many promotions take place every month.
  • Especially on holidays, birthdays or new events, TF88 has a large betting bonus.
  • New members and VIP members of TF88 will receive separate treatment.


  • Diverse forms of payment, all services have detailed instructions, no charge.
  • Bookie is linked with most banks in the country, transactions happen quickly after only 5 to 15 minutes.
  • All transactions are anonymous, confidential information is not disclosed to the outside.

Service 24/7

  • Professional, attentive and careful staff.
  • The online department works 24/7, available anytime, anywhere if players need support.
  • Many methods of contact, methods of contacting the TF88 dealer.

The Platform Betting At TF88 Bookmaker


  • TF88 not only provides football, but players can also bet on basketball, badminton, volleyball, boxing, … with attractive odds. The bets are equally diverse, such as handicap, 1×2 Betting, Over/Under, Running,..
  • Every day there is a new match updated on the odds table, the odds information will be available 2 to 3 days before the match time.
  • Players can bet on domestic tournaments, village tournaments or world-class tournaments such as Premier League, World Cup, Serie A, ..
  • Players can watch the match live at TF88 bookie, smooth livestream.
  • TF88 is a website with high payouts and attractive odds. After the match ends, the bonus is immediately credited to the player’s account.

Live casino

  • There are 4 live casino betting platforms at TF88 bookie, each betting round has different styles and characteristics.
  • All tables are supported by Dealer, they are all beautiful, professional girls.
  • The games currently provided by TF88 such as Baccarat, Texas Poker, Dragon Tiger, game draft,…
  • Players can bet on many different doors, with no limit on the amount and number of bets.
  • Modern betting technology, sharp and realistic live stream.
  • The camera monitors many different camera angles, players do not have to worry about transparency or fairness in the game.

Slot games

  • This is the main platform of TF88 bookie, with hundreds of games, including many novel themes and unique features.
  • All of them come from advanced game publishers, known in the betting market.
  • Low stakes, in return for extremely attractive bonuses. If any member is lucky, they can receive a reward of up to billions of dong thanks to the Jackpot prize.
  • Lottery, online fish tables are also betting platforms that players should not miss when coming to TF88. Each game is carefully invested from image to sound. For the lottery, the payout ratio is 1 to 95, new results every day, the bonus value is really attractive.


Although TF88 is a young bookie, this betting site is indeed attractive and the future will develop even more. If players want to have fun, are looking for a place with many modern technologies but still ensure the authenticity of bets, then TF88 is the best choice. Hopefully the information above will help players make the right choice. Good luck players!


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